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Revealing The Truth (des Herrn Vincent van Gogh)

14. Januar 2013

Tadao Cern treibt ein bisschen Schabernack mit einem Bild von Herrn van Gogh.

Long long time ago a stranger asked me to make his portrait… So I did.
I sent him the image and I never heard back from him again since that moment.
Then I saw one painting and I felt that it was very familiar to me:
And then I got it – It was a copy of my photo!
I did a little research on that and it seems that the guy who draw (copied) it is quite well known around…
His name is Vincent van Gogh and I was lucky enough to make his portrait.
Pity that he never mentioned me and I can’t find his contact now…
This video is a comparison of both images.

Revealing The Truth

via The Presurfer