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Mit dem Auto über den Mond rasen: Apollo 16 LRV – HD Video Stabilized

17. Dezember 2012

Es wirkt noch besser, wenn man weiss, dass es echt ist. ;-)
Fun Facts aus den reddit-Kommentaren:

That’s John Young, Commander of Apollo 16 driving the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). Filming is Charlie Duke, the Lunar Module Pilot.
It was at the end of their stay on the moon, and NASA wanted some footage of the LRV being put through it’s paces to see how it performed. By all accounts it was an excellent vehicle, able to climb hills with ease.
Point of fact, Gene Cernan on Apollo 17 holds the lunar land speed record downhill, at around 18 kilometers per hour. (freemanhimself)

Mehr zum LRV – Lunar Roving Vehicle.

LRV on the Moon – Apollo 16 – HD Video Stabilized