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Korkuaide Utau (Sing in my own way)

23. Januar 2012

Korkuaide Utau (Sing in my own way) von »Handsome Kenya« Kenya Tanabe, superduperanimeartig gezeichnet von Sugimoto Kousuke.

We’ve got Red, the Lead Guitar who gets the attention, Yellow bass quietly keeping everyone together in the background, Purple pianist winning the ladies classically, Light Blue Violin ’stealing‘ the show, Green the drummer ploughing through everything altogether making up the band. But no matter what path you take, your day is going to suck. If you even manage to get out of bed.
(Topkommentar von Slayah60 auf YouTube)

自主制作アニメ ハンサムケンヤ「これくらいで歌う」(Sing in my own way)