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Tokyo Dreams – a journey behind closed eyelids

17. Juli 2013

Ein Film nur mit schlafenden Pendlern: Nicholas Barker ist in Tokio zwei Wochen lang jeden Tag U-Bahn gefahren und hat dabei müde (oder meditierende) Menschen aufgenommen:

For the first couple of days I felt highly self-conscious about what I was doing. I’ve always been a voyeuristic filmmaker, but I have never stolen people souls before. Filming on the Tokyo subway was an opportunity to think out loud about human vulnerability, the miracle of the sleeping face, and my own motives… As the days turned into weeks I became technically more proficient and utterly fearless. By the 14th day, I felt like Harry Potter in his invisible cloak. Nobody seemed to notice me anymore.

Zitat aus Nicholas Barker talks Tokyo Dreams, wo der Regisseur noch mehr über seinen Film erzählt.

Tokyo Dreams


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