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Subway Love (U-Bahn-Wartegedicht)

23. August 2015

Ein New Yorker U-Bahn-Gedicht von Max Stossel, verfilmt von Matthew Freidell. Die Art, wie Teile des Gedichts in die U-Bahn-Umgebung einbezogen werden, ist wirklich clever.

I wrote this as I waited for the F train at West 4th on a day where it just WASN’T coming. It was a particularly hot and sweaty day and as the station filled up it got hotter and sweatier. Eventually I realized we were 250 people staring into a black tunnel and I started trying to make eye contact with people.

Love & life’s greatest opportunities are hiding right in front of our faces… and breathing hot, disgusting air down our necks.

Subway Love


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