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Frenetic Dance: Restless Leg Syndrome – Chucky (The Devil)

2. Januar 2012

Wahnsinnige Tanzszenen zu wahnsinnig guter Musik. Viel zu kurz.

The dance scenes used from Hellzapoppin‘ (1941) are some of the best-known and oldest Lindy Hop scenes from the swing era. One frenetic routine is performed by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, and another notable dance scene features Martha Raye and Dean Collins.
Testa, Chrisfader & d.b.h are Restless Leg Syndrome.
The concept behind their joint-venture is quite simple: Take an old genre of music, sample and flip it into dancefloor-ready beats, from HipHop to House. In the case of their debut EP „Swapping Swingers“ the focus is on the Swinging 1920s

Restless Leg Syndrome
Duzz Down San

Restless Leg Syndrome – Chucky (The Devil)