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Animated Short: Chernokids

21. März 2011

»Chernokids« ist, wie das Tschernobyl im Titel verrät, zu Beginn erschreckend anzusehen.
Ein Kurzfilm von Matthieu Bernadat, Nils Boussuge, Florence Ciuccoli, Clément Deltour und Marion Petegnief als Abschlussarbeit an der Supinfocom Valenciennes.


Homepage von Chernokids


Alone in the Zone – Tschernobyl aus der Ego-Shooter-Perspektive (Trailer)

6. Januar 2011

Fast wie ein Horrorfilm oder ein Ego-Shooter-Spiel kommt der Trailer für die Tschernobyl-Dokumentation von Arkadiusz Podniesinski daher, was daran liegt, dass er sie für einen möglichst realistischen Eindruck vollständig mittels Helmkamera in der First Person Perspective gefilmt und nicht gerade beruhigende Musik über die Bilder gelegt hat. Eigentlich sehr passend für diesen Katastrophenort.


»My idea was to deliver as true to life as possible the atmosphere in the zone. Full of realism. That is why in the film there will be no emphasis on the beauty of images, no close ups, fluid camera movements or colour correction. Post-production is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, there will be no sad stories, descriptions of human tragedy, effects of the accident. Nothing like that. I’m putting the truth out there, just as I found it. With no embellishments. Furthermore, in order to increase the viewers’ experience and the realism, I decided to use a camera mounted on my helmet. Fans of video games will certainly know FPP, or First Person Perspective. This was so that the viewers could see the zone through my eyes, from my perspective, just as I saw it. In order to feel like they had seen it themselves. And secondly, a greater benefit of this was free hands :). It allowed me to reach places where I would not have been able to take a large, professional camera. Of coure using a small camera comes at the price of lower image quality. But you win some, you lose some. In the end, I also added some fast music to give the film a more dynamic character.«

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