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Almost Perfect. (Tokio Mini-Doku, 4:30)

20. August 2019, 21:58

Ein sehr schön gemachtes Porträt der kleinen Galerie »Almost Perfect« in Tokio.
Und nebenher auch ein kleines Porträt dieser riesigen Stadt, in der sie liegt.

Almost Perfect. von Ryan Gasparini


In June, I travelled to Tokyo to make a film about a creative residence called Almost Perfect. Located in a quiet, downtown area, it’s as if the crazy neon lights and packed streets that everyone imagines when they picture the city have vanished and been replaced by cyclists, applied artists and locals peacefully going about their day.

It’s run by two people (Yuka and Luis Mendo) and a cat (Señor), who all also live in the house. Oh, and the building is a 100-year old ex-rice shop. The video is about who they are, what they do, and the city it all happens in.

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