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Bester Werbespot der Woche: Heineken | Worlds Apart

27. April 2017, 23:08

Angeblich ist das Heinekens Antwort auf den schrecklichen Pepsi-Spot, in dem Kendall Jenner mit einer Dose Cola eine Demo entschärft. Auf jeden Fall haben die Biermacher hier den besseren Riecher bewiesen, wie man aktuelle politische Probleme in Werbung für die eigene Marke verwandelt, ohne das zu penetrant wirken zu lassen. Einfach mal miteinander statt nur übereinander reden, dabei kann ein Bierchen ja wirklich helfen.

Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld


Aus dem reddit-Post noch ein interessanter Kommentar über die Entstehung so eines Spots, und vor allem über die Vermutung, ob das da nicht alles Schauspieler sind:

wolfgangcluck Actual commercial director here. There is a lot of conjecture and misinformation in this comment thread. Let me briefly unpack –

  • 1. The budget for production of a Heineken commercial would most likely not be millions. Millions is an enormous budget, even for national brands. A typical shoot day for a national broadcast commercial costs 250K (USD). Spots made for the internet have lower budgets. In the case of a spot like this which is a single location on stage, and which was made for the internet, the whole thing was well under 1M to produce. If I had to guess I’d put it at under 500K.
  • 2. It did not take days and days to shoot as some comments suggest. This could easily be achieved in a two day shoot.

  • 3. They did not film 50+ of these and whittle it down to the best 3. That would be extremely poor planning. They cast well and shot maybe 5 and whittled it down to 3.

  • 4. Don’t conflate „real people/non actors“ with „non scripted.“ This ad is very clearly non scripted (or „soft scripted“ at the most). That said, there is no claim these are non-actors, like there is in the Chevy commercials. These people could easily be actors, or just good on camera. Either way, they were cast from a large group of people, just as with any commercial. Even if they were actors, that doesn’t mean the spot is scripted or „fake.“

  • 5. Just because this was created to get you to buy beer doesn’t mean it can’t also have a valuable social message. These things can co-exist.

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