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The Interactive Periodic Table of Storytelling

21. Januar 2014, 23:34

James R. Harris hat seine tvtropes-Infografik »The Periodic Table of Storytelling« richtig schön interaktiv gemacht. Hier oder unten aufs Bild klicken. Toll.

The Periodic Table of Storytelling

Now in a new clickable format. Which elements of storytelling will you recognize?

Stories make use of recurring ideas called „tropes“ which repeat across genres and through time. The community at catalogues these tropes in an enormous wiki, collecting examples for every imaginable trope with light-hearted glee.

I created the Periodic Table of Storytelling as an introduction to TVTropes; it’s an infographic that organizes the basic building blocks of storytelling into a familiar format. It’s my most popular work, with over 300,000 views, and now it’s available in a clickable format, so you can jump directly to any trope that piques your interest.

Screenshot Periodic Table of Storytelling by James R. Harris

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