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Hunger is a Tyrant [ feat.Dakota Fanning ] – Hunger is a Monster [Feat. Elle Fanning ]

18. Oktober 2013, 6:03

Zwei ausserordentlich gut gemachte Anti-Hunger-Spots für Ending Hunger vom polnischen Animations­studio Platige. (Oktober scheint ja der Monat für Wohltätig­keits­orga­nisations­kampagnen zu sein)

»The „Hunger Personified“ series, produced by the Oscar-nominated Polish animation studio Platige Image and Visiontime is designed to stimulate debate, and to present hunger as an issue to younger audiences.«

Hunger is a Tyrant [ feat.Dakota Fanning ]
»This work is directed by Damian Nenow, whose Paths of Hate animated film was shortlisted for an Oscar and won numerous awards including Best Animation and Jury Award at ComicCon 2011.

If the narrator’s voice sounds familiar, that’s because it is the voice of Dakota Fanning, one of the world’s top young actors who first attracted attention at the age of seven in I am Sam, the critically acclaimed film starring Sean Penn.«



Hunger is a Monster [Feat. Elle Fanning ]
»This work is directed by Marcin Filipek. A variation on Little Red Riding Hood, it represents hunger as a wolf-like creature „more terrifying than zombies, werewolves or vampires“ because it’s real.

Elle Fanning has been acting since she was two, but rose to prominence in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, J. J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg’s Super 8, and this year’s Ginger and Rosa. Her spine-chilling narration intertwines with Filipek’s hauntingly beautiful world, leaving no ambiguity about the end-game of hunger.«



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