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Wie man mit einer Bücherverbrennungsparty eine Bücherei rettet

15. Mai 2012, 6:28

Oder wie gekonntes Marketing funktioniert. Hier mal für einen guten Zweck.

Troy, Michigan couldn’t afford to keep its library open, so it scheduled a vote for a tax increase. A strong anti-tax group waged a dominating campaign against it. Posing as a political group, we posted signs around town that said, „Vote to close Troy library Aug 2, book burning party Aug 5.“ We invited everyone to our Facebook page, adding Twitter, Foursquare, want ads, flyers and more to drive engagement. The campaign became international news as outcry over the idea of burning the library’s books drowned out the opposition and galvanized support for the library – which won by a landslide.

Book Burning Party – Troy Library von Leo Burnett Detroit



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